Thursday, July 29, 2010

technology downgrade?

Ok who am I kidding (husband hope you got a good laugh at that title). I have been talking, months ago, about downgrading from a Blackberry to an "old fashion" flip-phone with no bells and whistles. Yes a flip phone would make it more difficult to text, pressing each key three times to get to the letter I want, and I'd be detached from checking my ever pressing email that I could totally wait until I am home to read and respond.

Then the Apple iphone am out and I am tempted, very tempted to make the switch, to leave Sprint after 12 years of service, yes I could be the most loyal Sprint customer ever and have nothing to show for it. We switched from a Dell to a Mac and LOVE LOVE it. So why not make it seamless with the iphone. The idea was launched by Friends while running in the park. Friends said "oh we'll call you when we finish the race in and meet" to which I responded (as they were tapping their iphones/ipods) "I don't have my phone with me". It does seem practical for safety reasons to run with a phone and what better way to do so? Regardless, I will wait to see if Apple with fix the "death grip" before I rush out to get the phone with the protective cover.

Now this purchase would be the complete opposite of a technology downgrade. I would be even more connected to my email, downloading apps, texting, twittering and playing games; just what Husbands needs, me checking my phone even more than I already do when we are spending time together.

I think the iphone would make me even more organized though not a downgrade from my original intentions.

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