Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal Hygenie out of the home?

I just rode the bus today with a man who had nail clippers on his belt chain. I prefer to leave my nail clippers at home (right now who knows where home is for us as we are nomad's right now and have our personal items in storage and at Parental units homes).

I have never, not once, had the urge to clip my nails, file my nails or even bite my nails outside my own home, let alone in the presence of close family and friends.

Today I was reminded of Brother's experience with a co-worker who used to avidly and frequently clip his nails as his desk, in a cube. It was as if one goes to a barber shop or salon to get a hair cut and co-worker goes to work to do his nail grooming. It was gross and I wasn't even there. Since then, I've seen people clip on trains, on streets, in cars. Whatever happened to keeping it in the bathroom?? Now buses??

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  1. In Singapore (and HK, Bangkok, etc.) it happens all the time. I have at least one personal manicure on my work floor per week. It drives me CRAZY!