Friday, July 2, 2010

Luggage Luggage everywhere

On my way to the train, in the train, on the train and out of the train everyone seemed to have weekend bags. Girly bags, suitcases, bags on wheels, you name it. Everyone is getting out of dodge!

This to me is an obvious sign these apartments are going to be vacant for the long holiday weekend. I remember learning something in my house, mind you I remember alot of this but in relation to this topic. If you are going to a funeral or a wedding make sure you have someone at your house to make sure there are no burglars. I know this sounds so morbid but my parents have known houses that have gotten robbed while at a family members funeral or at a wedding.

Seeing all the suitcases this morning reminded me of this lesson. All of these people are leaving their apartments, clearly going out of town and everyone call tell they will not be home. I guess this is the beauty of living in the City versues the Suburbs. Neighbors can't see if you haven't moved your car in two days or that your news paper is piling up outside of your house. Granted we cancel our papers but then the NY Times and the Post knows we aren't home.

Yes I realized I am sounding paranoid but it was meant to be more insightful in what we show people as we leave our apartments and ride the trains. What we tell the people around us. I find it entertaining to see who is a light packer and who is not. I saw a woman on 86th and Columbus with her wheely suitcase, purse and large beach chair. I have had an evolution in my own packing standards. Brothers will tell you it would take weeks for me to plan, pack, repack and REPACK again. In the last 10 years I have count down on the number of repacking. Since being married we have actually managed to pack for two in one bag. Yes a shocker to me and my family.

We usually stay home on long weekends like this. We like the City when it is quiet.

Leaving our building this morning, I saw our Super and his Wife. I wished them a nice and quiet weekend (clearly indicating that I will not be seeing them as we are going out of town.)

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