Monday, July 12, 2010

High Rise or House with Yard?

This article in the NY Times last week struck my interest as many of our friends are looking to move out of the city.

I've seen friends move closer to family in NJ, Georgia and my own Family busted out of their 1 bedroom apartment to West Chester. I struggled with Family's move because 1) they are not just family but my closest friends 2)they were taking their adorable 1 year old daughter with them and 3) they were going to be out of walking distance for us to hang out. At first I thought I would reject their move but it didn't take long for me to embrace it and was truly happy for them. Yes, more planning would be involved to get transported to spend time together but we make it work.

Now married myself people ask us, often, when are we moving? Where are we moving to? Our answer, no where, we are staying put! Why rush to move? All of our friends are near by, it's a close commute to jobs, tons of culinary options, night life, 24 hour bodegta's, why would be leave? Just because we're married doesn't mean you have to leave the city.

This article was written for our friends (I am sure for many other of the millions of readers of the NY Times) because we are always talking about the pro's and con's about living in the suburbs v the city. If you talk to Husband and I we are all about city living, we'd give you 100 reasons to stay in the city and ways to make it happen (and I'd even offer my services to help you find space for all the stuff!)