Thursday, July 29, 2010

leaving it to the professionals....

I am an advocate for leaving it to the professionals. Husband works with numbers, while I am apart of number crunching, I yield to him for the cost/benefit analysis. My IT friends and entrepreneurs, I yield to you for computer advice and IT help and gadgets help; just as my friends consult with me for my opinion on organizing and decluttering.

Moving is on my mind because, well we're moving. I posted about deciding whether to higher our movers to pack us also. People have commented to me about how could I higher packers, I'm a professional organizer it should be easy to put things in boxes. Packing is a whole different league. As an organizer, I help minimize clutter, sort items, evaluate and help decide what is really worth bringing in the next move of items that haven't been worn or used in too long, put like things together and really look at the function of the odds and ends that are difficult to put in boxes or wrap uniformally.

I am going to continue leaving it to the professionals. The two packers are doing a great job. I feel confident that are items are being packed the "right" way and I will report after if anything has been broken but I have a feeling that won't be the case.

I am all for leaving it to the professionals.

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