Thursday, July 29, 2010

technology downgrade?

Ok who am I kidding (husband hope you got a good laugh at that title). I have been talking, months ago, about downgrading from a Blackberry to an "old fashion" flip-phone with no bells and whistles. Yes a flip phone would make it more difficult to text, pressing each key three times to get to the letter I want, and I'd be detached from checking my ever pressing email that I could totally wait until I am home to read and respond.

Then the Apple iphone am out and I am tempted, very tempted to make the switch, to leave Sprint after 12 years of service, yes I could be the most loyal Sprint customer ever and have nothing to show for it. We switched from a Dell to a Mac and LOVE LOVE it. So why not make it seamless with the iphone. The idea was launched by Friends while running in the park. Friends said "oh we'll call you when we finish the race in and meet" to which I responded (as they were tapping their iphones/ipods) "I don't have my phone with me". It does seem practical for safety reasons to run with a phone and what better way to do so? Regardless, I will wait to see if Apple with fix the "death grip" before I rush out to get the phone with the protective cover.

Now this purchase would be the complete opposite of a technology downgrade. I would be even more connected to my email, downloading apps, texting, twittering and playing games; just what Husbands needs, me checking my phone even more than I already do when we are spending time together.

I think the iphone would make me even more organized though not a downgrade from my original intentions.

leaving it to the professionals....

I am an advocate for leaving it to the professionals. Husband works with numbers, while I am apart of number crunching, I yield to him for the cost/benefit analysis. My IT friends and entrepreneurs, I yield to you for computer advice and IT help and gadgets help; just as my friends consult with me for my opinion on organizing and decluttering.

Moving is on my mind because, well we're moving. I posted about deciding whether to higher our movers to pack us also. People have commented to me about how could I higher packers, I'm a professional organizer it should be easy to put things in boxes. Packing is a whole different league. As an organizer, I help minimize clutter, sort items, evaluate and help decide what is really worth bringing in the next move of items that haven't been worn or used in too long, put like things together and really look at the function of the odds and ends that are difficult to put in boxes or wrap uniformally.

I am going to continue leaving it to the professionals. The two packers are doing a great job. I feel confident that are items are being packed the "right" way and I will report after if anything has been broken but I have a feeling that won't be the case.

I am all for leaving it to the professionals.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's too hot, it's too cold

All summer long you hear, "hot enough for you?"
All winter long you hear, "cold enough for you?"

Brother sent me this link and CBS news correspondent Steve Hartman sums up how I feel about weather complainers and weather comments....enjoy and stay cool or hot whatever you are trying to be.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If only there was an App for that....

If only there was an "app" to move cars slightly forward or backward so I could park. Driving around I've seen so many near spots but the cars are all spread out. If I could create an app to just slightly move the car up I would be very happy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Did you ever see that Seinfeld....

where Elaine leaves her Doctor and her medical records seem to follow her wherever she goes? Well I am having the exact opposite problem. I am looking to leave my doctor. I found my new doctor but they won't see me unless I have my records sent over.

Bring, bring. I call my old doctor and say I want to send my records over, I am leaving the practice, I'm over you guys. They say ok, just fax us a request stating that. I do so. I call back at the end of the day to confirm the records will be sent. The woman on the other end of old doctor's office phone said that first the doctor (whom I want to leave) must approve of releasing the records. Then it will take 7-10 business days to mail (they won't fax them) AND they is a strong chance they will charge me for my records!

Is this not insane?? Elaine is trying to get ride of her record and I am trying to bring it with me, go figure?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Texting while...

Texting while walking, texting while talking and texting while driving. Three of my latest pet peeves (though I am guilt of texting while talking, that's for your Husband).

Yesterday I had an outting out of the City that had me doing ALOT of driving. I noticed the majority of drives in the Left lane going slow where texting or talking on their cell phones, which is illegal and most importantly unsafe.

I thought Oprah and her "no texting pledge" was a little out of control. It is not. I get it and so should all those other drives on the NJ Turnpike and PA Turnpike. I was really in shock. There were lots of cars going below the legal speed limit in the passing lane completely oblivious to what was happening around them.

I do not text when I drive, I do not text when I walk, and I do not like green eggs and ham.

Monday, July 19, 2010

pack or be packed?

We're moving, when...that is to be determined.

Originally I thought we'd have our movers pack us up. With all of our books, breakables and misc mish-mash of things that always drive me crazy that can't quiet fit into a box.

The more I mentioned this to close friends their responses got me thinking...."the licensed professional organizer needs to higher packers before a move?"

The be clear we are organized, we don't have much to purge before the move, but I am concerned about the breakables (serving dishes, glasses, wine glasses, odd size platters etc).

Now I am contemplating packing myself...all of our things. I am really looking at this at a cost analysis:
1)the actual cost of buying boxes and bubble wrap
2)the mental state of knowing the professionals can handle this part of our move....

let the number crunching begin!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleaning House

Cleaning House

Pick up the latest issue of Time Magazine for more on this interesting article about Hoarders. While hoarding is an extreme situation, staying some what organized day-to-day week-to-week can make all the difference in the long run in have an organized and more enjoyable life.

Monday, July 12, 2010

High Rise or House with Yard?

This article in the NY Times last week struck my interest as many of our friends are looking to move out of the city.

I've seen friends move closer to family in NJ, Georgia and my own Family busted out of their 1 bedroom apartment to West Chester. I struggled with Family's move because 1) they are not just family but my closest friends 2)they were taking their adorable 1 year old daughter with them and 3) they were going to be out of walking distance for us to hang out. At first I thought I would reject their move but it didn't take long for me to embrace it and was truly happy for them. Yes, more planning would be involved to get transported to spend time together but we make it work.

Now married myself people ask us, often, when are we moving? Where are we moving to? Our answer, no where, we are staying put! Why rush to move? All of our friends are near by, it's a close commute to jobs, tons of culinary options, night life, 24 hour bodegta's, why would be leave? Just because we're married doesn't mean you have to leave the city.

This article was written for our friends (I am sure for many other of the millions of readers of the NY Times) because we are always talking about the pro's and con's about living in the suburbs v the city. If you talk to Husband and I we are all about city living, we'd give you 100 reasons to stay in the city and ways to make it happen (and I'd even offer my services to help you find space for all the stuff!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Luggage Luggage everywhere

On my way to the train, in the train, on the train and out of the train everyone seemed to have weekend bags. Girly bags, suitcases, bags on wheels, you name it. Everyone is getting out of dodge!

This to me is an obvious sign these apartments are going to be vacant for the long holiday weekend. I remember learning something in my house, mind you I remember alot of this but in relation to this topic. If you are going to a funeral or a wedding make sure you have someone at your house to make sure there are no burglars. I know this sounds so morbid but my parents have known houses that have gotten robbed while at a family members funeral or at a wedding.

Seeing all the suitcases this morning reminded me of this lesson. All of these people are leaving their apartments, clearly going out of town and everyone call tell they will not be home. I guess this is the beauty of living in the City versues the Suburbs. Neighbors can't see if you haven't moved your car in two days or that your news paper is piling up outside of your house. Granted we cancel our papers but then the NY Times and the Post knows we aren't home.

Yes I realized I am sounding paranoid but it was meant to be more insightful in what we show people as we leave our apartments and ride the trains. What we tell the people around us. I find it entertaining to see who is a light packer and who is not. I saw a woman on 86th and Columbus with her wheely suitcase, purse and large beach chair. I have had an evolution in my own packing standards. Brothers will tell you it would take weeks for me to plan, pack, repack and REPACK again. In the last 10 years I have count down on the number of repacking. Since being married we have actually managed to pack for two in one bag. Yes a shocker to me and my family.

We usually stay home on long weekends like this. We like the City when it is quiet.

Leaving our building this morning, I saw our Super and his Wife. I wished them a nice and quiet weekend (clearly indicating that I will not be seeing them as we are going out of town.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tip shared from Brother #1

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