Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 large bag to Goodwill

Yesterday I sorted and dropped one large bag off at Goodwill and I think it feels great. I just needed to share.

I took all of my pants and skirts out my closet. Then took them all off the hangers, then began my sort. I know I was definitely hard to part with skirts I've had since 2005 and have not worn since well.....2005. But I decided yesterday it was time to pass it on and pay it forward to some lucky person shopping at the local Goodwill store (it's always packed with shoppers).

As soon as I sorted and downsized I knew I needed to take the bag right away otherwise I would "re-sort the bag" especially since I now have spare room on my hangers in the closet. I even thought to call a few friends to see if they would want them, which is not a bad idea but I needed to go directly to the store. I really felt that even the faintest review of the skirts might make me rethink my sort.

24 hours later, no regret. I told myself that I should only keep clothes that I actively wear on a year-to-year basis. I did hold on to 3-4 skirts that will probably go the next purge around but I made big progress. Yes there were skirts and pants that I got in foreign countries that held very nice memories but I use my own tip on myself, I took a picture of the item before I placed it in the bag. Now I will always have a keepsake of that great item.

My point is, even for a professional organizer it is difficult to part with things and find the right time even if you know it is now.

T-shirts and pjs are next week's purge project...

Friday, October 8, 2010

cash for clutter and other fun ideas.....

The current issue of the magazine "First for women" (Oct. 18, 2010) features the article "12 genius ways to turn your clutter into cash." This article offers suggestions and advice regarding how to get rid of unwanted items and get some cash or new goods in return.

1. Recyclables: Mentions the site which offers a program weighing recyclables and awarding in return points good at retailers
2. Sporting equipment: Mentions the site offering cash for up to 30% of items' resale value
3. Cosmetic containers: Mentions the facts that Estee Lauder's Origins stores accept cosmetic containers for recycling and that returning six used MAC Cosmetics containers to a MAC store leads to a free lipstick
4. Cell phones: Mentions the site which offers cash for outdated phones
5. Video games: Mentions the site which offers credit usable at local GameStop stores
6. DVDs and CDs: Mentions the site which offers cash for disks in good condition
7. Hobby equipment: Suggests that folks looking to donate used supplies or equipment reach out to special-interest groups accessible via
8. Unused gift cards: Mentions the fact that will buy unused gift cards with a minimum balance of $25 (per card)
9. Jewelry: Suggests visiting a reputable jeweler and mentions the site, where one can find names of certified jewelers
10. Electronics: Mentions the site which offers cash for electronics that power on
11. Books: Mentions which offers cash as well as free FedEx shipping labels
12. Memorabilia: Mentions which offers information on eBay's new registered drop-off locations facilitating sale of items on eBay

Monday, October 4, 2010

Safety first?

For my generation, putting a seat belt on when you get into a car is a natural instinct. I do recall our family car's in the early 80's that did not have seat belts. How times have changed for the better.

My parents always told me when I was learning to drive, they weren't worried about me on the road, they were more worried about the other people on the road. I think the same applies to adults wearing helmets.

Clearly the same idea is not translated to riding bike's. I was under the impression it was the Law that everyone riding a bike must be wearing a helmet but that does not seem to be the case. Watching people in Riverside Park and Central Park riding their bike's, I just don't get when I see the kid's wearing helmet's and the parents riding behind without helmets. What's good enough for the kids isn't good enough for the parents?

I am really perplexed when I see people riding without a helmet. Isn't it safety first?