Monday, July 19, 2010

pack or be packed?

We're moving, when...that is to be determined.

Originally I thought we'd have our movers pack us up. With all of our books, breakables and misc mish-mash of things that always drive me crazy that can't quiet fit into a box.

The more I mentioned this to close friends their responses got me thinking...."the licensed professional organizer needs to higher packers before a move?"

The be clear we are organized, we don't have much to purge before the move, but I am concerned about the breakables (serving dishes, glasses, wine glasses, odd size platters etc).

Now I am contemplating packing myself...all of our things. I am really looking at this at a cost analysis:
1)the actual cost of buying boxes and bubble wrap
2)the mental state of knowing the professionals can handle this part of our move....

let the number crunching begin!

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