Wednesday, September 15, 2010

home craft inspiration

I have a 3-ring binder full of clippings and items I've torn out from various magazines and newspapers over the past 10 years of craft ideas for the home that I'd some-day-like-to-do. I am starting to feel that time is coming near.

Ideas for coffee tables, jewelry/makeup holders, homemade picture frames, bulletin boards of the sort. Now that we are settled I am starting to feel the craft homemaker in me starting to itch to come out. I will keep you posted on my projects and I hope Husband is on board with these ideas....

hanging up

We have now moved to the "where should we hang things on our walls" stage of our move. The boxes are gone, the clothes are put away, and things have finally found their homeOn one hand we are inclined to re-hang our pictures in similar places as they were in our last apartment. But I think we are both wavering on that option. Now I am getting to the point where I love the paint colors we picked but am tired of seeing them bare.

This got me thinking about how much hanging pictures, diplomas, etc really make a house a home. I have been looking more closely at friends apartments and how they display their things to give me inspiration. I know it doesn't sound like it is something that is so complicated but we're not moving for a long while and I have a feeling these holes we make in the wall will be there for a long while.

I am browsing my organizing sites for inspiration....