Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The heat is on....

The heat is on....summer will soon officially be here. After a long winter of lots of snow and rain and making small talk with elevator and door men, co-workers and close friends. Now it is supposed to be 91 degrees and people are saying how it's too hot.

What's the deal? Is it just small talk? Will we ever be happy with the weather. Me...I'm a warm weather person. I will take the heat and humidity any day over snow and cold rain. I recently traveled with Husband to the winter Olympics. Before you say anything, yes I know the winter Olympics are supposed to be cold. Everyone told me how mild Vancouver is and how lucky we are to be going to such a mild temperature location for the Olympics. I was cold, every day, bone cold. I could not warm up at all the entire time I was there. After day two I said to Husband that I think I am a summer Olympic type of person.

I went to college in a warm climate, I love to vacation in a warm climate any time of year and I enjoy New York City in the warm months.

So now begins the small talk of "did you turn your AC on yet?" "hot enough for you" and "stay cool". I have converted Husband to the dark side, there is no AC in our apartment, not in our bedroom, not in our living. We have two tower fans that cool the apartment down just fine, keeps the air moving.

There is something not normal to me when you have to sit inside in a fleece sweater in the middle of June after complaining how cold of a winter it has been!

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