Tuesday, June 8, 2010

weather.com should be renamed wrongweather.com

I used to think meteorologist had the best jobs ever. They come to work every day, try and predict the weather. They could get the weather completely wrong and STILL come to work the next day as if they did nothing wrong. One might not like the weather person but for some reason that doesn't stop you from tuning in night after night to see what the weather forecast will be.

In recent years I have relied less on the local forecast and more on weather.com. With some advanced features as 10-day forecasts, hour-by hour it became some fun to see what will be and seem better prepared for weekend planing or traveling outside of my region. I felt empowered by weather.com to pack accordingly for my travels or my week ahead. Forget that I felt empowered to know I will be dressed accordingly for the next day.

But I learned this month that I was asking to much. I shall explain....

This past weekend I had signed up for a run (to take place outside). I looked at weather.com and it showed me a chance of rain over the weekend. Friday I checked but knowing I will check again on Saturday night to see the hour-by-hour to clarify which part of the morning the rain is anticipated. To my dismay rain was predicted from 5am thru the morning. I was preparing myself to 1) either not run because of the rain or 2)suck it up and run in the rain what an experience it could be.

Sunday morning the alarm goes off, I look outside and not a sign of rain on the ground. I prepare for the run, at the starting line still no rain. No rain all day until 5:45pm for less than 10 minutes! Weather.com you let me down big time.

Yes maybe part of me was hoping you were right and rained and I had an easy out not to run the race (I would have done it in the rain anyway).

We're over weather.com, we are through! I am going back to my local newscasters at ABC7 and WNBC(Husband that's for you). At least they are apologetic when they get the forecast wrong!

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