Thursday, May 13, 2010

Use it or lose it?

I was looking in our bathroom yesterday and looking at the decorative soaps, face masks, body scrubs, bath salts, and sample shampoos. Between you and me, I also have a bottle of Dove conditioner from over two years ago that had survived my last move, which I probably had a year before that. Why did I take it with me??

I had a revelation last night I am going to use it up, all of it. I am not buying anymore products until I am finished up with what I have. done. Do you think conditioner's expire??

Then this got me thinking what are the things in our linen closet, medicine chest and emergency kit (yes I made one years ago) that might have expired. So I did a purge. What use is expired sun screen? I struggle with the question "am I being wasteful" so this I think is my solution, toss the things that are expired, vitamins, cold medicine, sun screen and will use up the shampoos and soaps before I buy more. I think it might be good to take inventor every now and kitchen pantry is next.....

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