Thursday, May 6, 2010

the closet bar fell last night..

Crawling into bed last night, I commented, as Husband was picking out his clothes for the next day, that the clothes rod in the closet looked like it was sagging. Not 5 minutes later did we hear a loud thud.

Cautiously I opened the closet door and just has I had anticipated, as did it happen 6 months ago, the bar fell. at 11:30pm what can we do. Deciding not to deal with it in the morning and take all of the clothes out and place them on the bed until the Super could do his awesome work and fix the rod.

Button downs, polo's, windbreakers, fleece zip ups, pants, suits, winter coats and my dresses that don't fit in my closet were sprawled all over the apartment. Clothes, clothes everywhere! Super, who us really SUPER, came quickly and reinforced the rod, swept and mopped up the drill remnants and was on his way.

Now all I had to do was wait until Husband came home form work and hope he'd be in the mood to put everything back, the way he likes it. (deep down I was hoping he'd feel the urge to purge some of his old polo's and pants, which did NOT happen).

There were I few, "oh I was wandering where this shirt went". And then he said, as he was holding up a fleece zip-up, "I saw someone wearing something like this today and thought to myself how nice it was." Me laughing on the inside that he already owns it...

Looking forward to expanding our closet size one day so we can see all that we have not just what's in front of us.

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