Monday, May 17, 2010

shopping lists

My shopping lists have shopping lists which have shopping list. I try to go through my bag at the end of the day so first thing in the morning I am not lugging my stuff around. Most nights I get to it but I have found in the last two weeks no matter how many times I empty my bag of lists there are always more!!!

I got fed up today. I am now that person you may have seen in the supermarket with a pen crossing things off my list after I pick up each item or maybe that person you've seen talking to themselves (me trying to count how many eggs I am going to need and how many dozens to buy). I try to limit the trips to the supermarket to two times. Once for the mega pick up and the second for the last minute additions/specialty items.

And the past two weeks I have left the secondary trip to the very last minute and had to buy the extra items at the bodega on the corner where I can't leave with out spending AT LEAST $20. I know it's a price for convenience but come on!

As an organized person I make my shopping list when I am making my menus/looking at cookbooks. But why is it getting out of control? I thinking I am trying to get into my groove of what we call in our family "the tried and true menu"*

*definition=can make the item with your eyes closed and/or have the items in stock on a regular basis in the pantry/fridge; the classics; oldies and goodies.

Here's to the next shopping list being once trip!

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