Monday, May 10, 2010

how many layers is enough?

Yesterday Husband and I went to a baseball game. Knowing it was windy and going to be in the 50's here in NY, I prepared myself with layers. First a long sleeve heavy shirt, then a heavy zip-up sweatshirt, and then a sleeveless vest. I wore jeans and sneakers with socks*.

Let's just say, no matter what I would have worn would have kept me warm. Friends were there, in leggings, fleece blankets, mittens, hats and they were shivering as well. How many layers is enough?

We had a brilliant idea of getting hot coco to help us stay warm. I did have the thought that by the time Husband got back from so kindly bringing us the hot coco it might not be warm....I was right, it did nothing at keeping us warm. Though it tasted good, thanks Husband.

We left after the 5th inning, the shivering was too much and the team was losing (and later lost the game). But it was still fun to hang with Friends, though much nicer indoors or when it is supposed to be warm in May at baseball games.

For all I know I could have been at a hockey game it was so cold!

*I don't normally wear socks, year round, I just don't like to wear them so it is a rare occasion** that I do wear them.
** I do wear socks when I run for exercise.

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