Friday, May 7, 2010

My not so new sewing machine

About two years ago I set out to buy my first sewing machine. I took sewing xx years ago in Home Eco and remember making a nice pillow and remembering how to wind the bobbin.

So off to I went to research which machine to buy. One week later it arrived, I wound the bobbin and ready to make my home eco projects of the 21st century.

Needless to say, it's been two years since I attempted my projects. I needed my mom's assitance to get me started and that worked for a day. Then my good friend who is a sewing master came over to get me started and that worked for a day. I was about to be fess up and face defeat with my ability to craft projects. Husband was getting good material at watching our sewing machine sit idle in our apartment for, now years, and when friends would come over and say "oh you sew", Husband held back is laughter and comments as I replied, "I am relearning."

Well last night I got my sew on, all by myself! I fixed the problem with my bobbin, again, and practiced on a paper towel, as advised by my Sewing Master, and have now moved onto my practice fabrics. yeah!

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