Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Facebook to be renamed Babybook?

Don't get me wrong I love looking at pictures of your kids and family members and I LOVE showing off pictures of my nieces and nephews (all 9 of them) but has anyone else noticed that facebook has now become a show and tell of what your friends kids are doing? Who's taking their morning nap? Who's not sleeping through the night? Who's got their first day of pre-pre nursery school? Which parent can't wait for their significant other to return from a boys/girls weekend or business trip?

My question is what would these baby's say if they knew in 14 or 15 years their baby picture's were plastered all over the intra-web? In case you are wondering, if you'd like to see pictures of my loved one's email me. If you'd like to know who is sleeping thru the night or where they are on potty training I'd be more than happy to forward your query to the appropriate parent.

I think I might be going back to friendster....when it was about my friends and not my kids.

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