Friday, June 25, 2010

Grunting's you not me.

I am a novice runner by any means. I like running as a hobby but am also a seasonal runner. Meaning I only run when it's warm and not raining. I am ok with being a novice.

I recently joined the NYRR (New York Road Runners Club). Intimated completely by the runners involved and their advanced skill at running swiftly, I bit the bullet and signed up. What better motivation to starting moving than the NYRR. At first, I felt like I looked like a newbie because my running clothes consist of old t-shirts and target running shorts not designer brand workout clothes like most of the people zooming past me. I also didn't know anyone running that day (or so I thought). As I walk up to the 4000 section of runners, of what must have been 10,000+ runners, I see two Friends who happen to be in my running group, so random and so fun. Not like I could keep up with them or anyone else running. The first NYRR race I did it felt like everyone was zooming past me, not being polite and knocking their sweaty elbow's by me, spitting and grunting. Mind you my race time was pretty decent and I tried not to be mislead in the future by speedy runners and my pace.

I was put off. Have some respect please. It's not so difficult to mind your space and keep your sweaty elbows to yourself.

The next run was 1 mile longer. Granted the run was longer and it was very humid for this early in the morning I felt better knowing Friends were running again AND people weren't zooming past me as much. However the amount of grunting and outward coughing (without covering their mouth) was just gross. It made me wonder if these runners were going to pass out? pushing themselves too hard? were being over dramatic? or what?

We'll see what happens with the next race this weekend. It is the same distance as the last race and is supposed to be just as humid. Really cover your mouth if you are grunting or coughing please and also please keep your sweaty elbows to yourself.

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