Monday, February 10, 2014


With all the snow we've gotten in the last month in the New York area, it has encouraged me to go through areas in our apartment that even I have been procrastinating organizing.

Most recently I have been foraging through my food pantry. I make it a point to normally look at our pantry during my spring cleaning in April but since I had some snowed in time I got a head-start.  Lentils, beans, nuts were things I look at and asked myself, "will I realistically be cooking or backing with any of the ingredients?" Either way it was time to freshen up my supply.  I clearly labeled sandwich ziplock bags to ensure freshness for future use.

On a tangent this has led me to try recipes I have pulled from magazines and online and throw away recipes I thought I would try someday but clearly at this point I am not going to be preparing.

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