Thursday, February 13, 2014

Decluttering your smartphone

I have noticed recently my iPhone battery has been draining so quickly.  After googling reasons why, aside from overuse and people who just think Apple products are poorly made and just has a bad battery life, I read an article in Forbes about deleting apps one no longer uses.

This prompted me go through phone and look at all of the games I don't play anymore nor need the distraction of playing right now.  Looking at the dozen or so apps I deleted it got me thinking about all the information I thought I "needed" to have at my finger tips that I clearly don't use.  So I started looking at the apps I use most often (email, Facebook, twitter, news outlets).

Organizing and purging my iPhone makes me feel I can be more productive with my device and perhaps even be on my device less.


  1. Ellen...tell me who to delete an app...and I'm on it!

  2. I meant...tell me how to delete an app.