Monday, February 10, 2014

Strategies for the attacking the mail

Whether you are the type of person to go through your mail as soon as you check the maibox or let it pile up for days, weeks or months, I recommend a strategy that seems to work for many different styles of clients as well as myself.  It can be as easy as 3 steps. Open your mail and decide whether it: 

1) needs attention (bills to pay, information to be filed, newsletter to read later, etc)
2) shredded (address labels, credit card and banking information, etc)
3) recyclable (we always try to recycle as much as a paper mail, magazines, junk mail and this can easily be placed in a brown bag once you rip your personal information off the cover)

By creating these 3 piles it can make going through your mail more manageable. Try it...

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