Thursday, February 20, 2014

The misc draw...

Everyone has at least one, I have to fess up...I too have a junk draw. My catch-all for papers, pens, keys, scissors and other odds and ends I just don't know what to do with. Husband just discovered said draw. He opened it, conveniently located in the top draw in the kitchen and was taken aback. He asked me how could "The Chief Organizer" in our home has such a draw? I was embarrassed to say the least mainly because I practice most of the tips I share.

Well in the months since he discovered said draw I have taken the junk draw back into my organized control.  I purchased a utensil holder for draws and designated each slip for certain items.  I'd say for the most part it has been easy to maintain and keep organized. I know where the keys are to the storage locker are exactly. Pens are easy to grab when I need to add something to my shopping list at the supermarket and I have a slip for my gift cards and coffee punch cards (most importantly ;) )

What's inside your junk draw? And do you think you can get into under control?

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