Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Boys?

Does anyone else watch this show, My Boys on TBS? I do and I think I am the only person I know who watches it. It's not like Big Brother, where people know it's on and trash talk it around the water cooler from time to time. My Boys was a show a discovered last summer, thought it was fresh, fun and 30 minutes.

I'm catching up on my DVR and in this weeks episode one of the characters discovers he is good at closet organizing. The friends in the group are excited and encouraging but when it comes down to him helping his friends, a lot of resistance develops. The friends aren't interested in parting with ANY item. It makes me chuckle a little bit because I see it and feel it myself often.

Me for example, I get very motivated to unpack my boxes to put my clothes away. Start with a few things on top and either 1) getting sentimental about the item or 2) don't know the best place to put the item.

Fortunately for me that feeling does not happen too often. But it's good to know it does happen and helps me related to friends, family and clients Organizing is more than just physically moving things into new places, it's about facing what you really use, what you really need and look at what you are holding on to and why. It's not always a bad thing to unpack that last box. You might be surprised what's inside.

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