Monday, August 23, 2010

No mad, nomad, nomaddness....

No I am not mad. Yes I was mildly disappointed our move-in ready apartment was not move in ready, let alone ready. But we are in, after a 3 week hiatus of nomaddness 2010, as I am referring to it.

Thankfully we were in a position that we had more places to stay than nights we needed. Being transient has made me appreciate sleeping in my own bed. Every 2-3 nights we were relocating, reloading our bags, searching for things and then resetting.

But now we are in, and that surprising? 65 boxes totally, 3 left (all Husbands boxes). Part of me things, yes I was over zealous with my unpacking but the other part of me was just ready to put things away and be ready to live our life in our new place. I think we are just about ready.

I am never moving again.

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