Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tips from my Aunts

I saw my aunts this weekend and one shared with me an article clipping and the other shared with me a tip that she found in a magazine and carried out herself and found it to be very productive.

Aunt #1 tips on organizing:

In Paula Span's posting in NYTimes.com/newoldage on 1/28/10, she writes about "Help for Hoarding" she looks at how hoarding is a disorder the slowly progress as we get older.

This makes sense in the big picture of life, the older we get the more pictures, clothes, mementos we accumulate. the problem begins, as Span discuss in her posting, when the individual becomes debilitated by the collections.

By periodically going through your closets, draws filing cabinets etc is a preventive method to becoming overwhelmed and debilitated down the road.

Thanks Aunt #1 for showing me the article!

Aunt #2 tips on organizing:

Aunt called me this morning, seemingly excited to share a tip she read about and successfully carried out at home. Aunt placed a shopping bag in the floor of her closet. Every time she went into her closet and tried on an item of clothing and didn't wear it or felt she wasn't going to wear it, Aunt placed it inside the shopping bag. Before she knew it the shopping bag was full of clothes she didn't wear and was ready to be dropped for donation.

The most helpful tips are the ones shared by friends and family because you know real people can put them to use at home.

Thanks Aunt #2 for sharing your very practical tip!


  1. What wonderful Aunts you have. They sound generous and cool!