Friday, March 11, 2011

What's in YOUR wallet?

I was watching a segment of a morning show and that had Suze Orman on talking about what is literally inside of your wallet.

Inside my wallet you will find:
1) my drivers license
2) my health insurance card
3) credit card
4)back up credit card
5) a few business cards
6) library card
7) metrocard
cash and coins

That's it! and that is also what was inside Suze Orman's thin wallet, she showed it on air.

I've had this conversation with Husband before about thinning out his wallet. Why carry around old ticket stubs, expired id's, college ids? Usually when I come home I take out all receipts into a basket I keep by where I leave my bag. Then at the end of the week I take 5 minutes and go thru the basket to see what I need to keep for my files and what I can toss in the shredder. Husband has the theory that you never know if you need "x" or you never know if you need "y". Well my philosophy is if you have to start your sentence with "you never know" then you should toss it or at least take it out of what you carry every day.

Also from a safety perspective, having had my wallet stolen twice in my life, the less you carry around with you the easier and quicker it is to call and cancel the credit cards and id cards to get new ones.
The inspiration for this blog.

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