Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One paper at a time...

Some of my clients biggest hurdles are overcoming the piles amongst piles of papers that, well, pile up. Bills to pay, bills paid, charitable donations, orders to follow up on, activities of interest to look into and restaurants to visit are amongst the myriad of piles.

One strategy that I find helpful for many clients and myself included is start with your existing piles. Whether you have to go through the piles once, twice or even three times you'd be surprised that there are papers, envelops and other odds and ends you can throw away or shred.

From there assess what you have left. What are the key piles you have? (bills to pay), (things to file)? What is left should be the basis of your updated filing system. You should be able to see a theme to the piles of papers. Identifying the piles will help prevent them from building up into one big hodgepodge of papers and you will find yourself spending less time wondering what you did with that flyer.

For tips on desktop storage items or to hide the paper trail out of sight contact me for suggestions and ideas.

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