Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaning, cooking, hosting, cleaning...

This article from the NY Times, "For the Hyper-Neat, a Special Strain Comes With the Season" By JOYCE WADLER, highlights the planning and organizing that goes into many of the meals and parties we host week to week.

It seems no matter how much time you have there are always the last minute things you didn't get done in time. And when I do get everything done in time, I try to sit and enjoy it, even if for a moment. Our guests are not slobs, by any means, but crumbs get loose, dishes get dirty and counter-tops dirtied and I start thinking after the guests leave how to tidy it back up as quickly as possible.

This is 1 reason why we don't have pets, shedding/hair, not interested in cleaning that up. This article made me see that I am not the only one who enjoys entertaining and preparing but also feels that similar feeling at the party's end.

Our home is fairly organized and I think starting off on that foot makes it easier to maintain and clean up when we have less energy to put things away or clean.

Much like Vern Yip, quoted in this article "Although he vacuums around his Christmas trees at least twice a day, he will never bring out the machine while a guest is there."

*Thanks to friend (AC) to bringing this article to my attention.

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  1. just read the NY time article, and man oh man, some people are just a little bit psycho! I'm definitely a neat freak, but I realize that in order to indulge my love for entertaining, I gotta let go of that for the duration.